Health Challenge


Today I am keeping it short and sweet and just challenging you. I challenge you to take time and stretch. I mean a really good stretch. Take 30 minutes and stretch your muscle, let your blood flow. It seems little but it's huge. I have a stretching app on my phone and do it in the am and pm. Fitivity app called flexibilty. It's actually really good and you can check mark each stretch you do. 

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Christmas Money Saving Tips


Do you want to save money during Christmas? I mean who doesn't right? The ways to save will probably shock you and be totally unexpected but guess what ... they work. They work because I have tried them. Before I tell you though let me suggest something for next year. Ask your bank for a certificate program where you can deposit money and can't take it out. Make sure you are able to schedule them to release the funds around the date you go shopping. I personally do it the Monday before Black Friday.

No let's get to it. Money saving tips are, number one thing is stick with a plan. Seriously sounds simple but it's not. You want to shop for all and go above and beyond. A lot the cash and don't go over. Christmas is about celebrating relationship and Jesus not about tons of gifts. Have your children pick toys they want and stick to it don't get them other thing you think they want. It's important because we parents get what we think and then they never play with it. We can save a lot by planning.

The other money saving tip, get creative and make something. When giving to others see what you can create yourself. You can make all sorts of things. Get creative and make cards or bake goodies and put them in tins to give out.

These might sound funny or basic but the basics are what many forget when in the action of it all. The basics help you control things. So choose wisely this year. 

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The Benefits Of Eating Together


The importance of sitting down for at least one meal can only be seen once you commit to it. We tend to let the day get away from us and not appreciate what and who we do it for. Why work and do all these things yet never get to live the life we want and deserve to live? I challenge you to sit down with your family tonight for dinner. Spark conversation and see what's going on in each person’s lives. Don't answer your phone stay committed to be present. 

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Solage Knowles Wedding Gown Inspires


Solage Knowles wedding gown inspired me when I saw it... I have to give her a hand clap because she is willing to be different...How many times are people afraid to stand out and try to go with the norm. This inspired me even in my life, business and day to day actions. I like what I like and standing up for that is not wrong. I find many don't want to take a chance because they want people to like them after all you do need clients right? Everywhere you look they tell you to stay with what's hot but why not break the mold? I find it funny that in order to have gotten a trend going someone had to break the mold to do it yet many play it safe…. Will that be you?

As a business step out take a chance... 

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