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Truth And Lies How Do They Work?

These are just a few lies that society teaches not only you but your children. We are all called to influence our sphere. We are called to leave a legacy for our family and children.

1 Transforming Motivational Quote

We all need to understand that the cutting off of relationships and things in life are all necessary to growth. For us to reach another level within our lives we need to ensure we are ready for change and some of it is painful. Let me share 1 Transforming Motivational Quote.

2 Useful Tools For Connecting With Your Audience

Have you ever sat back and just thought for one moment how to reach someone? I mean really reach someone? I have done this so many times. The art of connecting with someone so their soul their very being responds to you.

The journey is real and there are many tools to help you connect and honestly here is one of them for you and it’s fun too.

If You Want To Ruin Your Business Do This One Thing

What is this one thing you ask that can ruin your business, reputation and character? Well imagine this, you are Continue Reading

How Jesus Christ Has Rescued My Life

I randomly was told about this book by TD Jakes Hemotions and I ws on a mission to get it. Not know that a Christian book store even existed I went to Walmart. Frantically trying to find this book. See my husband (who is now deceased) and I had great troubles. The hurt and pain of it all was unbearable and I need a solution.

Through that journey I ran into a book store of a church and it changed my life. I reunited with Jesus Christ there and since then never looked back. One can look at Him as fake or just another prophet but I tell you I have tried the rest and non compare.

2 Uncommon Blogging Hacks That Successful Bloggers Do

Uncommon is actually a good thing. Can you imagine if all of use were the same or did the same thing. EEEECCKKK Scarey thought So there are many uncommon practices bloggers use that make them successful and they are uncommon for a reason.

Uncommon because many are not willing to take the time to do it . Are you?

The New Nobody Is Born Gay Billboard

So this new nobody is born gay billboard was put up and I have to say it is heartbreaking. Why are we fighting against this topic when we have war going on? Racism going on and so much more.

2 Interesting Patience Quotes

Success in any area of your life will require patience. You will have to get to the point in your life where you enjoy the process of the journey and not look at it as attacks and negatives things against you. When you take a bath the water will be dirty and when you are done you drain the water. That’s the same thing that happens in life let me explain watch my video above.

Lessons I Learned From Marie Forleo

Have you ever been searching the internet or went to a meeting you didn’t plan on going to and met or saw someone that inspired you? I mean you know the moment where everything felt like it was crashing down, the moment you were secs away from giving up? Well This wonderful woman named Marie Forleo is on of those people for me. can’t begin to tell you all that I have learned but here are a few things.