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Learn Your Area Of Influence 4 of 8

Sharing is caring… So share this with someone you know.This area is so great because it is so flexible. This Continue Reading

Learn Your Area Of Influence 3 of 8

For the most part, the born again Church has decided it cannot change Hollywood or the culture of America, and it is taken another path. Because of our seeming impotence at influencing our culture, we have tried to vindicate ourselves with a doctrine that says we will try to save as many people as possible, take them to Heaven with us, and leave the rest to go to hell.

Learn Your Area Of Influence 2 of 8

The family begins with the union of a man and woman. You may also look at family as when you adopt, have children or even combine households.

Learn Your Area Of Influence 1 of 8

Do you want to have influence? Do you want to really step into your call and be effective? Better yet be happy for a change? Well we are going through this series Learn Your Area Of Influence to help you identify those areas.

The Most Important Reason For Productivity

So have you ever thought that your lack of productivity can be detrimental to your health? That it good actually age you?

The Truth About Money

I awaken from my sleep with eyes burning, swollen and vision blurry. Adjusting to the daylight as it peers through my half opened blinds. Placing my petite and well-manicured hand on my small protruding baby bump my lips seem to move with their own mind to create a half smile.